8 Februari 2023
training aso

Training voor de artsen in opleiding

Maandelijks krijgen de ASO’s heelkunde de kans om chirurgische […]
14 november 2022

Adult essential extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) skills for use in an e-learning program for ICU physicians, nurses and perfusionists: a consensus by a modified Delphi questionnaire.

Peperstraete H, Steenhout A, De Somer F, Depuydt P, […]
11 Oktober 2022

Postgraduate Surgical Education in East, Central, and Southern Africa: A Needs Assessment Survey.

Elmaraghi S, Park KM, Rashidian N, Yap A, Faktor […]
28 september 2022

Assessing endovascular team performances in a hybrid room using the Black Box system: a prospective cohort study.

Doyen B, Soenens G, Maurel B, Hertault A, Gordon […]
31 Juli 2022

Assessing competence in Chest Tube Insertion with the ACTION-tool: A Delphi study.

De Mol L, Desender L, Van Herzeele I, Van […]
29 Juli 2022

Surgeons’ Leadership Style and Team Behavior in the Hybrid Operating Room: Prospective Cohort Study.

Soenens G, Marchand B, Doyen B, Grantcharov T, Van […]
21 Juli 2022

Effectiveness of an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment on Curricular Training for Complex Cognitive Skills in Liver Surgery: A Multicentric Crossover Randomized Trial.

N. Rashidian, M. Cesare Giglio, I. Van Herzeele, P. […]
1 Maart 2022

Using an application to measure trainees’ procedural knowledge before chest tube insertion.

L. De Mol, J. Vangeneugden, L. Desender, I. Van […]
12 november 2021

International Implementation of a PROficiency based StePwise Endovascular Curricular Training (PROSPECT) in Daily Practice.

Soenens G, Lawaetz J, Bamelis AS, Nayahangan LJ, F […]