29 Juli 2009

Validation of video-based skill assessment in carotid artery stenting.

Van Herzeele I, Aggarwal R, Malik I, Gaines P, […]
29 april 2010

Visuospatial and psychomotor aptitude predicts endovascular performance of inexperienced individuals on a virtual reality simulator.

Van Herzeele I, O’Donoghue KG, Aggarwal R, Vermassen F, […]
29 Augustus 2010

Comparison of instructor-led automated external defibrillation training and three alternative DVD-based training methods.

de Vries W, Turner NM, Monsieurs KG, Bierens JJ, […]
1 Februari 2011

Training with simulation versus operative room attendance.

Desender LM, Van Herzeele I, Aggarwal R, Vermassen FE, […]
1 Maart 2011

Skills training after night shift work enables acquisition of endovascular technical skills on a virtual reality simulator.

Naughton PA, Aggarwal R, Wang TT, Van Herzeele I, […]
29 april 2011

Patient-specific endovascular simulation influences interventionalists performing carotid artery stenting procedures.

Willaert WI, Aggarwal R, Van Herzeele I, O’Donoghue K, […]
1 Juli 2011

Combining video instruction followed by voice feedback in a self-learning station for acquisition of Basic Life Support skills: a randomised non-inferiority trial.

Mpotos N, Lemoyne S, Calle PA, Deschepper E, Valcke […]
1 Oktober 2011

Training to deeper compression depth reduces shallow compressions after six months in a manikin model.

Mpotos N, Lemoyne S, Wyler B, Deschepper E, Herregods […]
1 Juni 2012

Simulated procedure rehearsal is more effective than a preoperative generic warm-up for endovascular procedures.

Willaert WI, Aggarwal R, Daruwalla F, Van Herzeele I, […]