20 maart 2020

Team perception of the radiation safety climate in the hybrid angiography suite: A cross-sectional study.

Doyen B, Vlerick P, Soenens G, Vermassen F, Van […]
20 februari 2020

Orsi Consensus Meeting on European Robotic Training (OCERT): Results from the First Multispecialty Consensus Meeting on Training in Robot-assisted Surgery

Vanlander AE, Mazzone E, Collins JW, Mottrie AM, Rogiers XM, van der Poel HG, Van Herzeele I, Satava RM, Gallagher […]
5 februari 2020

Radiation Protection Training for Vascular Surgeons in Twenty-One European Countries. European Vascular Surgeons in Training (EVST) and the ESVS academy

Weiss S, Van Herzeele I.
10 januari 2020

We Want to OPERATE!

Gombert A, Van Herzeele I.
10 augustus 2019

Supervised Trainee Led Open Vascular Surgery Procedures Should Be “Part” of Modern Training Curricula!

Van Herzeele I, Eiberg JP
2 augustus 2019

Laparoscopic Liver Surgery Training Course on Thiel-Embalmed Human Cadavers: Program Evaluation, Trainer’s Long-Term Feedback and Steps Forward.

Rashidian N, Willaert W, Giglio MC, Scuderi V, Tozzi F, Vanlander A, D’Herde K, Alseidi A, Troisi RI.
1 augustus 2019

Achieving Consensus to Define Curricular Content for Simulation Based Education in Vascular Surgery: A Europe Wide Needs Assessment Initiative.

Nayahangan LJ, Van Herzeele I, Konge L, Koncar I, Cieri E, Mansilha A, Debus S, Eiberg JP
1 mei 2019

The use of video motion analysis to determine the impact of anatomic complexity on endovascular performance in carotid artery stenting

Rolls AE, Riga CV, Rahim SU, Willaert W, Van Herzeele I, Stoyanov DV, Hamady MS, Cheshire NJ, Bicknell CD
1 maart 2019

Non-technical attributes and surgical experience: A cross-sectional study comparing communication styles and attitudes in surgical staff, trainees and applicants.

Doyen B, Vlerick P, Maertens H, Vermassen F, Van Herzeele I
1 november 2018

Evidence Based Training Strategies to Improve Clinical Practice in Endovascular Aneurysm Repair.

Doyen B, Bicknell CD, Riga CV, Van Herzeele I. […]
1 oktober 2018

Endovascular Training Using a Simulation Based Curriculum is Less Expensive than Training in the Hybrid Angiosuite.

Maertens H, Vermassen F, Aggarwal R, Doyen B, Desender […]
1 augustus 2018

From European Training Committee to ESVS Academy: The Start of a New Paradigm in ESVS Education.

Eiberg J, van Herzeele I; ESVS Academy. Eur J […]
13 april 2018

Systematic review of surgical training on reperfused human cadavers.

Acta Chir Belg. Willaert W, Tozzi F, Van Herzeele […]
1 februari 2018

Defining the Key Competencies in Radiation Protection for Endovascular Procedures: A Multispecialty Delphi Consensus Study.

Doyen B, Maurel B, Cole J, Maertens H, Mastracci […]
1 december 2017

A laparoscopic training model for surgical trainees.

De Loose J, Weyers S. Gynecol Surg. 2017;14(1):24. doi: […]
1 december 2017

Video motion analysis in live coronary angiography differentiates levels of experience and provides a novel method of skill assessment.

Rolls AE, Riga CV, Rahim S, Stoyanov DV, Van […]
1 september 2017

Proficiency Based Stepwise Endovascular Curricular Training (PROSPECT) Program Enhances Operative Performance in Real Life: A Randomised Controlled Trial.

Maertens H, Aggarwal R, Moreels N, Vermassen F, Van […]
1 juli 2017

Patient-Specific Simulation of Endovascular Thoracic Aortic Repair: Initial Experience.

Desender LM, Van Herzeele I, Rancic Z, Bicknell C, […]
1 juni 2017

The experiences of last-year student midwives with High-Fidelity Perinatal Simulation training : a qualitative descriptive study.

Joeri Vermeulen, Katrien Beeckman, Rivka Turcksin, Lies Van Winkel, […]
1 maart 2017

A multicentre trial of patient specific rehearsal prior to EVAR: Impact on procedural planning and team performance.

Desender L, Van Herzeele I, Lachat M, Duchateau J, […]