14 november 2022

Adult essential extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) skills for use in an e-learning program for ICU physicians, nurses and perfusionists: a consensus by a modified Delphi questionnaire.

Peperstraete H, Steenhout A, De Somer F, Depuydt P, […]
11 Oktober 2022

Postgraduate Surgical Education in East, Central, and Southern Africa: A Needs Assessment Survey.

Elmaraghi S, Park KM, Rashidian N, Yap A, Faktor […]
28 september 2022

Assessing endovascular team performances in a hybrid room using the Black Box system: a prospective cohort study.

Doyen B, Soenens G, Maurel B, Hertault A, Gordon […]
31 Juli 2022

Assessing competence in Chest Tube Insertion with the ACTION-tool: A Delphi study.

De Mol L, Desender L, Van Herzeele I, Van […]
29 Juli 2022

Surgeons’ Leadership Style and Team Behavior in the Hybrid Operating Room: Prospective Cohort Study.

Soenens G, Marchand B, Doyen B, Grantcharov T, Van […]
21 Juli 2022

Effectiveness of an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment on Curricular Training for Complex Cognitive Skills in Liver Surgery: A Multicentric Crossover Randomized Trial.

N. Rashidian, M. Cesare Giglio, I. Van Herzeele, P. […]
1 Maart 2022

Using an application to measure trainees’ procedural knowledge before chest tube insertion.

L. De Mol, J. Vangeneugden, L. Desender, I. Van […]
12 november 2021

International Implementation of a PROficiency based StePwise Endovascular Curricular Training (PROSPECT) in Daily Practice.

Soenens G, Lawaetz J, Bamelis AS, Nayahangan LJ, F […]
28 september 2021

Six Sigma in surgery: how to create a safer culture in the operating theatre using innovative technology.

van Dalen ASHM, Strandbygaard J, van Herzeele I, Boet […]
18 Juli 2021

Evidence-based Guidelines on the Use of Virtual Surgical Education Pertaining to the Domains of Cognition and Curriculum, Psychomotor Skills Training, and Faculty Development and Mentorship.

Park KM, Rashidian N, Anderson C, Brian R, Calthorpe […]
11 Mei 2021

European Stroke Organisation guideline on endarterectomy and stenting for carotid artery stenosis.

Bonati LH, Kakkos S, Berkefeld J, de Borst GJ, […]
17 Maart 2021

Assessment of Endovascular Team Performances Using a Comprehensive Data Capture Platform in the Hybrid Room: A Pilot Study.

Soenens G, Doyen B, Vlerick P, Vermassen F, Grantcharov […]
10 december 2020

Simulation Based Training and Assessment in Open Vascular Surgery: A Systematic Review.

Lawaetz J, Skovbo Kristensen JS, Nayahangan LJ, Van Herzeele I, […]
12 Oktober 2020

Thiel embalmed human cadavers in surgical education: Optimizing realism and long-term application.

F.Waerlop, N.Rashidian, S.Marrannes, K.D’Herde, W.Willaert. American Journal of Surgery. […]
19 Juli 2020

Radiation Safety Performance is More than Simply Measuring Doses! Development of a Radiation Safety Rating Scale.

Doyen B, Maurel B, Hertault A, Vlerick P, Mastracci […]