13 april 2018

Systematic review of surgical training on reperfused human cadavers.

Acta Chir Belg. Willaert W, Tozzi F, Van Herzeele […]
1 Februari 2018

Defining the Key Competencies in Radiation Protection for Endovascular Procedures: A Multispecialty Delphi Consensus Study.

Doyen B, Maurel B, Cole J, Maertens H, Mastracci […]
1 december 2017

A laparoscopic training model for surgical trainees.

De Loose J, Weyers S. Gynecol Surg. 2017;14(1):24. doi: […]
1 december 2017

Video motion analysis in live coronary angiography differentiates levels of experience and provides a novel method of skill assessment.

Rolls AE, Riga CV, Rahim S, Stoyanov DV, Van […]
1 september 2017

Proficiency Based Stepwise Endovascular Curricular Training (PROSPECT) Program Enhances Operative Performance in Real Life: A Randomised Controlled Trial.

Maertens H, Aggarwal R, Moreels N, Vermassen F, Van […]
1 Juli 2017

Patient-Specific Simulation of Endovascular Thoracic Aortic Repair: Initial Experience.

Desender LM, Van Herzeele I, Rancic Z, Bicknell C, […]
1 Juni 2017

The experiences of last-year student midwives with High-Fidelity Perinatal Simulation training : a qualitative descriptive study.

Joeri Vermeulen, Katrien Beeckman, Rivka Turcksin, Lies Van Winkel, […]
1 Maart 2017

A multicentre trial of patient specific rehearsal prior to EVAR: Impact on procedural planning and team performance.

Desender L, Van Herzeele I, Lachat M, Duchateau J, […]
1 Maart 2017

A Multicentre Trial of Patient specific Rehearsal Prior to EVAR: Impact on Procedural Planning and Team Performance.

Desender L, Van Herzeele I, Lachat M, Duchateau J, […]
30 november 2016

Lifelike vascular reperfusion of a Thiel-embalmed pig model and evaluation as a surgical training tool.

Willaert W, Tozzi F, Van Hoof T, Ceelen W, […]
1 november 2016

Patient-specific Rehearsal Before EVAR: Influence on Technical and Nontechnical Operative Performance. A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Desender LM, Van Herzeele I, Lachat ML, Rancic Z, […]
1 Oktober 2016

Multicentre observational study of surgical system failures in aortic procedures and their effect on patient outcomes.

Lear R, Riga C, Godfrey AD, Falaschetti E, Cheshire […]
18 Augustus 2016

Systematic review of e-learning for surgical training.

Maertens H, Madani A, Landry T, Vermassen F, Van […]
1 Juli 2016

Content validation and evaluation of an endovascular teamwork assessment tool.

Hull L, Bicknell C, Patel K, Vyas R, Van […]
1 Februari 2016

Development of a PROficiency-Based StePwise Endovascular Curricular Training (PROSPECT) Program.

Maertens H, Aggarwal R, Desender L, Vermassen F, Herzeele […]