1 Oktober 2013

Structured team self-report of intraoperative error can identify obstacles to safe surgery.

Lear R, Vincent C, Van Herzeele I, Cheshire N, […]
10 april 2013

Patient-specific rehearsal prior to EVAR: a pilot study.

Desender L, Rancic Z, Aggarwal R, Duchateau J, Glenck […]
1 april 2013

Knowledge and willingness to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a survey amongst 4273 teachers.

Mpotos N, Vekeman E, Monsieurs K, Derese A, Valcke […]
29 Maart 2013

Training models in laparoscopy: a systematic review comparing their effectiveness in learning surgical skills.

Willaert W, Van De Putte D, Van Renterghem K, […]
16 Maart 2013

Efficiency of short individualised CPR self-learning sessions with automated assessment and feedback.

Mpotos N, De Wever B, Cleymans N, Raemaekers J, […]
1 Maart 2013

A pilot study of video-motion analysis in endovascular surgery: development of real-time discriminatory skill metrics.

Rolls AE, Riga CV, Bicknell CD, Stoyanov DV, Shah […]
1 Januari 2013

Retraining basic life support skills using video, voice feedback or both: a randomised controlled trial.

Mpotos N, Yde L, Calle P, Deschepper E, Valcke […]
1 december 2012

Improving results for carotid artery stenting by validation of the anatomic scoring system for carotid artery stenting with patient-specific simulated rehearsal.

Willaert WI, Cheshire NJ, Aggarwal R, Van Herzeele I, […]
1 september 2012

Role of patient-specific virtual reality rehearsal in carotid artery stenting.

Willaert WI, Aggarwal R, Van Herzeele I, Plessers M, […]
1 Augustus 2012

Efficacy of a self-learning station for basic life support refresher training in a hospital: a randomized controlled trial.

Monsieurs KG, De Regge M, Schelfout S, D’Hondt F, […]
23 Juli 2012

Assessing basic life support skills without an instructor: is it possible?

Mpotos N, De Wever B, Valcke MA, Monsieurs KG. […]
1 Juli 2012

Training nurses in a self-learning station for resuscitation: factors contributing to success or failure.

De Regge M, Monsieurs KG, Valcke M, Calle PA. […]
1 Juli 2012

Recent advancements in medical simulation: patient-specific virtual reality simulation.

Willaert WI, Aggarwal R, Van Herzeele I, Cheshire NJ, […]
1 Juni 2012

Simulated procedure rehearsal is more effective than a preoperative generic warm-up for endovascular procedures.

Willaert WI, Aggarwal R, Daruwalla F, Van Herzeele I, […]
1 Oktober 2011

Training to deeper compression depth reduces shallow compressions after six months in a manikin model.

Mpotos N, Lemoyne S, Wyler B, Deschepper E, Herregods […]