29 april 2008

Determinants of the quality of basic life support by hospital nurses.

Verplancke T, De Paepe P, Calle PA, De Regge […]
28 november 2007

Endovascular skills training and assessment.

Neequaye SK, Aggarwal R, Van Herzeele I, Darzi A, […]
1 november 2007

Virtual reality simulation objectively differentiates level of carotid stent experience in experienced interventionalists.

an Herzeele I, Aggarwal R, Choong A, Brightwell R, […]
7 Februari 2007

Identification of skills common to renal and iliac endovascular procedures performed on a virtual reality simulator.

Neequaye SK, Aggarwal R, Brightwell R, Van Herzeele I, […]
28 Juli 2006

Teaching recognition of agonal breathing improves accuracy of diagnosing cardiac arrest.

Perkins GD, Walker G, Christensen K, Hulme J, Monsieurs […]
28 Maart 2006

Retention of ventilation skills of emergency nurses after training with the SMART BAG compared to a standard bag-valve-mask.

De Regge M, Vogels C, Monsieurs KG, Calle PA. […]
28 Oktober 2005

Improved basic life support performance by ward nurses using the CAREvent Public Access Resuscitator (PAR) in a simulated setting.

Monsieurs KG, De Regge M, Vogels C, Calle PA. […]
28 Januari 2005

A study comparing the usability of fully automatic versus semi-automatic defibrillation by untrained nursing students.

Monsieurs KG, Vogels C, Bossaert LL, Meert P, Calle […]
28 Januari 2005

Birmingham assessment of breathing study (BABS).

Perkins GD, Stephenson B, Hulme J, Monsieurs KG PubMed […]
28 Augustus 2004

Learning effect of a novel interactive basic life support CD: the JUST system.

Monsieurs KG, Vogels C, Bossaert LL, Meert P, Manganas […]